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A Black police officer is claiming that he was fired from his job because he was dating a white officer.

Speaking to WSB-TV, Karone Robinson said going public with his relationship caused unwarranted backlash from his peers. He is currently suing the city of Darien and the Police Department leadership for race discrimination.

He called the experience “Extremely depressing" and stated that it was the "lowest point" he had ever been in his life.

“It was one day I’m the best thing since sliced bread, and the next day I can’t walk and chew bubble gum. I can’t do anything right,” Robinson told the local news outlet of the workplace environment once he'd went public about his once-secret relationship.

But there were warning signs that his interracial relationship may not have gone down too well with some of his peers. There was a Nazi flag hung in the Darien Police Department. 

“I totally blocked the flag out. It had been there for so long,” he said.

After going public, Robinson's chief suspended him for going to Atlanta with his girlfriend in his police car. According to Robinson, the chief allowed officers to use their patrol cars while off-duty. He was later demoted to a patrol officer.

During a deposition, the chief admitted to saying when he found out his daughter was “dating a black boy, I became so physically ill I vomited.”

Robinson said the chief created a paper trail to fire him, ultimately for failing to notify dispatch at the start and end of his shift. “It wasn’t even anything anybody had heard of,” said Robinson’s attorney, Katie Mitchell. 

“Each of the witnesses that were deposed, there was not a single officer whether a party for the Darien Police Department or from another agency that had ever even heard of another officer’s being terminated for policy infractions such as failing to notify dispatch,” Mitchell said.

He and the female colleague split up shortly after he was fired. She currently has her own lawsuit in the pipeline.