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It's a great day for Baltimore city as the state's attorney has announced that the city will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases.

Marilyn Mosby announced the news via a statement released by her office:

"We need to get serious about prioritizing what actually makes us safe," the statement said, "and no one who is serious about public safety can honestly say that spending resources to jail people for marijuana use is a smart way to use our limited time and money."

According to the statement, Mosby’s office will implement the following common sense changes to their marijuana policy:

  • Mosby will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases, regardless of weight or a person’s prior criminal record.
  • Mosby will prosecute distribution of marijuana as long as there is articulated evidence of intent to distribute beyond the mere fact of possession.
  • Further, all people charged for the first time with felony possession with intent to distribute or with felony distribution will be referred to diversion.
  • All Mosby is seeking to vacate nearly 5,000 prior marijuana convictions dating back to 2011.
  • Mosby will also propose legislation that would give prosecutors the power to vacate convictions in the interest of justice.

 “Law enforcement pays a steep cost in the form of public trust when we spend resources on things like marijuana and simultaneously fail to solve and successfully prosecute homicides,” Mosby said. “Ask any mother who has lost a son to gun violence whether she wants us to spend more time solving and prosecuting her son’s killer or to spend time on marijuana possession. It’s not a close question.”