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Twitter user @BestFlaws posted a tweet and accompanying video of a white male closely following her and a friend, while calling the police. After her tweet went viral, other black women have come forward with receipts of similar hostile behavior from him.

The incident occurred at the Edition Apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland where @BestFlaws says they were followed simply because they were at the pool.

Shortly after, another Twitter user @SuggSavage posted a video thread of the same man confronting her black friends at the pool. In the first video, the man is seen closely recording her friend in front of him. When her friend calmly asks what can be done to make him more comfortable, he sees that he is being recorded and responds that he will “report them to police” because “they are disrespecting.”

In the thread, @SuggSavage notes that not only did his behavior immediately change once he realized he was being recorded, but he was also not at the pool when he confronted them.

The thread continues that they were approached by the leasing office after the he complained. The office did not see any wrongdoing and allowed the women to remain. Unsatisfied with the result, he then returns to the pool area to call County Police.

The police arrive and calmly speak to the cooperating women for their account. They state that their testimony is very different than what the man initially reported to the department. After having no issue with law enforcement, the women eventually leave the pool only to see the same man return to the  area and harass a new group of black residents that just arrived.

The man has been identified as Nick Starr-Street. In his Instagram bio, he describes himself as ‘outspoken,’ ‘anti-LGBTQ’ (even though he is married to a man), and autistic.

Studies have shown that those on the spectrum “have a tendency to get very, very interested in their particular subjects”. And it seems that Starr’s concentration is targeted towards black people.

Regardless of Starr’s development disorder, his racist behavior towards black women should not be excused. Especially when his actions hold value and very true consequences; as the police were seen responding to his call in the video. 

Starr also has a Youtube channel where he posts videos of his encounters with black people. @SuggSavage noticed a pattern of Starr, recording only after he has harassed women multiple times— in order to document their reactions and not his involvement.