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The remains discovered over the weekend by in Arkansas by the Houston Police have been confirmed as those of missing four-year-old Maleah Davis.

Forensic authorities formally identified the child’s remains as those of Maleah Davis, Bowens’s daughter, who had reportedly been in Vence’s care while her mother was out of town.

The remains were found in a black trash bah which had been run over by lawnmowers in Arkansas.

“It was a gruesome sight. It was a terrible sight to see. It took hours gathering up body parts and evidence,” said Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller said before the identity was confirme. “I think it’s going to match some clothing and other things there that was found. I think I’m 99.9 percent.

Authorities discovered the remains after getting a tip from local activist Quanell X. Quanell spoke with Derion Vence, the ex-fiance of Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens and immediately went to the police after Vence revealed the location of the body.

“One thing he wanted to make clear to me was what happened to Maleah was an accident,” he told KTRK.

"Maleah didn’t have to die. That little girl did not have to die,” Quanell later told KHOU 11. “That child was being physically abused and physically tortured in that house, and they were covering it up. It's a damn shame that her mother chose her man over her own daughter."

Bowens has not made a statement since the discovery of the remains and the confirmation that the remains belonged to Maleah.