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Ana Navarro got Trump aide Steve Cortes in check quickly when he tried to come for her after she called Trump a racist.

During last night's Don Lemon hosted a panel on CNN, the panelists discussed President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric ahead of the midterm election. Cortes whined about the president being labeled a racist, and defended his off the wall antics.

“Instead of talking policy, it’s character assassination,” Cortes said. “You should have been careful last night when you called him a racist pig,” he cried.

Navarro challenged Cortes' stance and demanded that he hold the president to a higher standard.

“Until you’re willing to hold the president of the United States to a much higher standard than you hold me, you can take that smirk off your face,” she responded.

Republican Navarro has let it be known that she will not be voting Republican this time around. One by one, the Republicans are jumping ship.

"We’re seeing the names of people like Howard Schultz, the former CEO now of Starbucks, being mentioned. We're seeing people like Mark Cuban being mentioned, Oprah, Alec Baldwin. And so, it’s opened up the possibilities for people who may not be traditional politicians but who are interested," she told CNN back in June.

"Frankly, at this point, I would vote for a potted plant over Donald Trump," she said to Brooke Baldwin.

Watch the heated exchange below.