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Amanda Seales Blasts White Woman Who KNEEL To Protest Rape Culture

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Insecure star Amanda Seales rarely bites her tongue. And judging from her recent Instagram post, the hypocrisy of white, female protesters who took a knee in protest of the confirmation of Brett M. Kavanaugh has her in her feelings… and rightly so.

Donning a colorful hair bonnet, Seales looks directly into the camera and lets rip.

“Hol’ up. White women are kneeling to protest rape culture? [...] Nah. Where the f*ck y’all was at when we was kneeling about police brutality? Where the f*ck y’all was at when Kap was getting his ass handed to him because he was kneeling about police brutality? In general, where the f*ck y’all been at?”

The mess Seales is referring to is white women on social media imploring high profile celebrities to kneel during the national anthem to protest Kavanaugh's confirmation the the Supreme Court. One twitter user asked Beyonce, Christina Aguilera or Ariana Grande, all women of color, to join the protest by kneeling. Black twitter swiftly interjected to correct her for her ignorance.

One twitter user responded:

“I imagine ur ❤️ is in the right place but Kaepernick began protesting police brutality by taking a knee during the anthem. Appropriating that protest action for another purpose, no matter how noble, is unacceptable. Asking woc to do so is just clueless & heartless #WhiteFeminism”

While another was less sympathetic.

“No!!!!!! Protest something tied to your cause!! Disappear for a day. Yell ‘Me too’ at noon. Something but be creative and figure out your own protest vs usurping the one fighting the injustice placed upon of black & brown lives!!!!”

Their sentiments echoing those of Seales’ impassioned rant. Determined to further drive the point home, she continues to ask the questions many in the public eye are too afraid to for fear of being blackballed.

“Where the f*ck y’all was at when other white women were voting for Trump? Don’t be out here kneeling for rape culture. ‘Cause the fact of the matter is, you don’t even have true intersectionality when you talk about rape culture. A lot of these m*thaf*ckers don’t. A lot. Too many of them!

“Now - any of these women… Republicans voted Kavanaugh in are just another white women on the f*ck sh*t! It’s Y”ALL!!!”

The instagram post was uploaded with the caption:

“PSA: These broads is wild. #igstorygems The nerve of these types of white women and their pseudo liberal bullshit never ceases to amaze me. FOH Stop the madness.”

We agree. Please stop the madness! The same administration making a mockery of the rape culture is the same administration many of these protesters voted for.So these white women should try and save the fake outrage for another day. Or at least, create their own movement, instead of piggybacking off a boycott they were perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to.