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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been very vocal about her opposition of Trump’s detention centers. In the midst of her vocalization, some Twitter users found her comments contradictory with the Gucci watch she wore to visit the border.

Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted a photoset from her visit of the detention centers last year. In her images, she is clearly struck with shock and despair at the inhumane conditions of the migrant children there.

However several Twitter users questioned her choice to wear a Gucci watch in the presence of confined children. The watch currently retails over $900. 

Gucci also faced backlash earlier this year for their racially insensitive sweaters that depicted blackface. 

While it has not been confirmed whether the timepiece is in fact Gucci, this is not the first time the politician has come under fire for expensive fashion wear. Last year, she was slammed for rocking a $3,000 suit for a magazine shoot for Interview Mag. (It should be noted that the suit was selected for her by the magazine’s stylist.) 

While AOC continues her fight against the border, she is sure to be met hostility online and in person, every step of the way.