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Two Roosevelt school teachers who made headlines last month after creating a classroom display featuring nooses have been fired.

Another teacher, who is tenured, has been placed on paid leave over the incident.

The decision was made by the Roosevelt School Board who met earlier to discuss potential action.

Pastor Arthur Mackey from the Mount Sinai Baptist Church is satisfied with the decision.

"The school board's decision is helping us move forward in the right direction. Of course, the teacher that has tenure has to go through a hearing, but we'll pay close attention to that," said Pastor Mackey per News 12.

Alfred T. Taylor, school board president of the Roosevelt Union Free School District had previously issued a statement regarding the incident when the news first broke.

"When you have half the community saying, 'This is an atrocity,' and then you have another half defending it saying, 'Oh, it was supposed to be a joke,' that's an easy way for something to get lost in translation," he said.

"You have a generation of youth that is so desensitized to it that they don't understand the graphic nature of it even in seeing pictures. It doesn't move some of them," he said. "That could be disturbing because it's creating a communication gap between our communities," Taylor continued.

The noose images were reportedly part of a larger collage and also featured the words "ha" and "#yes." The school's students are majority Black and Hispanic.

Hempstead Town Supervisor Laura Gillen echoed his sentiment, calling the collage "undoubtedly racist."

"A clear message needs to be sent that there is simply no place in our schools and in our society for this type of racist, hateful and insensitive imagery,” Gillen said at the time.

It is not known whether the teacher who remains on paid leave will return to the school.