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17 Yr Old LaShonda Childs Mysteriously Killed . . . By 28-Year-Old BF!!


A 17-year-old girl from Dayton, Ohio was allegedly murdered by her 28-year-old ex-boyfriend. Lashonda Childs was shot in the head last week, allegedly by her stalker ex-boyfriend.

Lashonda was pronounced dead early Wednesday morning. Her ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Trendell Goodwin, was arrested Tuesday and charged with her murder Wednesday.

LaShonda’s 18th birthday would have been last Friday


Trendell had told LaShonda he was 20 years old, and when LaShonda found out he was lying about how old he was, he started showing signs of abusive behavior.

Earlier this year, in February, Nina said Trendell bit LaShonda so hard that she started bleeding. Court records confirmed that incident.

Goodwin was arrested on February 19th after Childs told police he hit her in the face and bit her left shoulder during an argument about text messages involving another woman.

“Childs had a fresh bite mark on her left shoulder,” a Dayton police officer wrote in an incident report. “The left side of her face was swollen where she claimed Goodwin hit her. She also had had abrasions on the right side of her neck and her nose was bleeding at one point.”

Goodwin served 19 days of a 180-day sentence for misdemeanor assault, Dayton Municipal Court and jail records showed. Goodwin was ordered not to have contact with Childs, received home detention and was ordered to receive counseling.


LaShonda’s mother also said Goodwin would often steal LaShonda’s phones and harass her and her family. “He was the type of guy who would call you 70 times a day,” Nina said. “Nonstop. It was aggravating as well as annoying and scary.”

LaShonda’s brother said Goodwin continued to reach out to LaShonda, even after they broke up. “She was really in the process of leaving,” said Jaylon Childs.

On September 21st, LaShonda Childs wrote a long message on Facebook about the dangers of ignoring signs of domestic violence. “Everybody want a crazy n***a until he got you hiding & dodging bullets,” she said. “If you see the signs don’t ignore it y’all. Domestic violence is real not just in movies.”

You can read her post, which has been shared more than 50,000 times, in its entirety here:

All jokes aside tho, everybody want a crazy n***a until he got you hiding & dodging bullets. If you see the signs don’t ignore it y’all. Domestic violence is real not just in movies. This n***a done broke several phones, busted windows out, followed me from my house to wherever, bit me several times, threw me into walls, made me walk places with a gun to my back, put all my stuff in a sewer, held me hostage in a house & didn’t let me leave, sat & waited at abandoned houses & watched me, pulled my whole sew in off leaving bald spots all that, now he done set my hair on fire & shot my house up that ain’t even half the shit he did but I’m telling y’all that ain’t where it’s at If y’all see the signs don’t ignore it i should’ve left that n***a a long time ago now I ain’t even safe in my own house...

Trenny Mack, Goodwin’s Facebook alias, responded the post and comments by other people. His comments have since been removed, but WHIO-TV copied them beforehand.

“If y’all really believe this s*** y’all sick,” read one comment by Goodwin. “This the 12th or 13th time she said I did something but still coming back. Stop it.”

When someone commented that Goodwin should let Childs “breathe,” he responded: “I’m a let her breathe today. She better come home tomorrow tho, I gotta big day planned and some good news.”

One of the most alarming comment threads on the post was from a friend who suggested she “block him” because “he got way too much access to you.” LaShonda responded: “Blocking don’t help he stole my phone he can get access to all my sh**.” Her friend then told her to “leave the city before you end up dead somewhere.” LaShonda said, “I am.”

On the morning of September 21st, Childs also posted that Goodwin had stolen her phone and set her on fire.

Not even two weeks after LaShonda’s alarming Facebook posts, she was shot and killed by Trendell Goodwin.

Court documents state that Goodwin fired multiple rounds at Childs and her new boyfriend while they were sitting in a parked vehicle on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Childs was shot in the head and was driven to the hospital by her boyfriend. She was pronounced dead Wednesday morning (Oct. 3).