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UK prime minister Theresa May says that the country is "significantly closer" to delivering on the result of the Brexit vote.

May is desperately battling to win colleagues' support for the draft withdrawal agreement. May informed the House of Commons that Brexit would give the county control of its borders, laws as well as the money. The Brexit movement has been compared globally to Trump's MAGA campaign.

Brexit is also being touted as a magical fix for securing jobs and businesses.

Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn is not sold, stating that the appeals would be "indefinite half-way house without any real say" over the rules making it a "false choice" before Parliament between her "botched deal and no deal".

According to the BBC, the draft withdrawal agreement "addresses the Northern Ireland "backstop", which aims to guarantee that physical checks will not be reintroduced at the border with the Irish Republic, in the event of the EU and UK failing to agree a deal on future trading relations that involves not having a physical border."

Brexit could cause a significant breakdown in relations between the UK and EU countries. As well as trying to secure its borders against EU countries, it could find those countries less willing to open its doors to them.

May is being accused of not delivering the Brexit people voted for by leading Tory Eurosceptic Peter Bone.