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Dr. Umar Johnson, who is currently on tour in the UK, stopped by The Voice newspaper to discuss the similarities between the US and the UK.

Johnson, who regularly cites himself as being the most requested Black scholar in the country, informs the interviewer that he has visited the country at least seven times.

"I call it the 51st state because when I study the political and the economic and the social and the psychological predicament of Africans in Europe and particularly the UK, your reality isn't much different from the African American reality."

Johnson is a controversial figure in Black leadership. His lineage to Federick Douglass as well as his qualifications in physiology have all come into question, but Johnson has provided receipts (of a kind) and muffled the background noise. Johnson regularly travels overseas to hold lectures. He was recently on tour in Asia.

"There are four constants," clinical psychologist Johnson explains as he breaks down the similarities between the treatments of African in all four of the continents he's visited. "Mass incarceration of Black males, a crisis of single parented Black boys. White Jesus is everywhere in the African world, you're not gonna go anywhere without white Jesus. And the fourth constant, someone who does not look like us controls the economy."

In the interview, which lasts over twenty minutes, Johnson goes in depth into the issues the Black community face across the globe.

You can watch Johnson's full interview with the British media outlet, The Voice below.