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Another white woman is making headlines for calling the cops on a Black woman who she claimed exited through the wrong lane while leaving a store.

In the video, a Black woman can be heard asking who the white woman was calling. She then called the women “Peppermint Patty” and “a racist.” The woman then told her to “Cut the n***** card out,” before telling the 911 operator that she was “getting attacked" by "these two black women calling me a racist.”

The short video then cuts, but social media had seen enough and wasted no time letting "Peppermint Patty" have it!

"I really think people like this woman who take it upon themselves to call the police over nonsense should be charged, fined, maybe both. It's a shameful abuse of resources," one user wrote.

""Malicious prosecution" is the charge victims use for faulty reporting. Good luck proving malice though unless your attorney is well versed. The "N-word" could assist," another viewer wrote.

Another commented, "I just can’t believe that anyone thinks it is okay to talk and act like this. Really? Really? Call 911 and use the N-word because of a simple mistake? What I REALLY don’t get is how we as Americans EVER question the fact that racism, sadly, is alive and well here."

The video mirrors an event last month in Portland, Oregon when a white woman called the local parking enforcement hotline on a Black couple who had parked too close to the crosswalk, as they waited for their food from a local restaurant. She was later monikered "Crosswalk Cathy"