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A Texas man is wanted after he allegedly forged his wife's signature on divorce papers, in an attempted to remove himself from the marriage without her knowledge.

"We rarely see something like this," Harris County Constable Mark Herman told The Post. "In this particular case, the gentleman decided to go through a divorce, but the only problem is, he left his wife out of the process. And that's a violation of the law here in Texas."

Paul Nixon, 51, is being hunted down by the police on felony aggravated perjury charges after his wife contacted deputies on May 14 to report that Nixon had filed and obtained a final divorce decree with court officials without her knowledge.

"She was very surprised," he told The Post. "She started finding things showing that he was spending money on jewelry, so she confronted him and he told her that they were actually divorced."

Unfortunately, Nixon is still married to his wife, as he sought the divorce fraudulently. If he wants to end the marriage, Nixon is going to have to go through the process with his wife - and obtain her signature. It's unlikely that she wishes to remain married to him after this debacle.

Nixon, who faces up to 10 years if convicted and has a no-bond warrant out for his arrest.

"We have teams out looking for him right now, I can tell you," Herman added. "And we have an idea where he's at. So hopefully, he'll turn himself in. If not, we'll catch him. Just a matter of time."