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The police officers who shot Stephon Clark to death have been cleared of is murder by Sacramento Police Department.

Clark, 22, was gunned down last March by Officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet who were responding to a vandalism complaint. 

"Was a crime committed? There's no question that a human being died," District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said back in March per the NY Times.

An autopsy by the Sacramento County Coroner's Office found at least seven bullets had hit Mr. Clark. The officers had fired a total of 20 rounds in his direction.

"This incident has been thoroughly investigated by law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels," Chief Daniel Hahn said in a prepared statement. "Every one of these independent examinations has reached the same finding – the use of deadly force, in this case, was lawful. Our internal investigation concluded that there were no violations of department policy or training."

"The officers involved in this case will return to full, active duty," he said, clearing the officers of any wrongdoing.

The decision came just three minutes after US Attorney McGregor Scott and the FBI closed their own investigation into whether the officers had violated Clark's civil rights was closed. According to their investigation, they "found insufficient evidence to support federal criminal, civil rights charges against the Sacramento Police Department officers involved."

Calrk's brother, Stevante Clark, reacted to the decision via social media:

"Currently in meeting with FBI Justice Department and Sacramento PD," he said on Facebook, "These people have failed when it comes to #Accountability."

Speaking on the phone to the Sacramento Bee, he said:

"I'm not surprised or shocked, we've been denied justice for generations. The only thing that caught me off guard, was Chief Hahn is letting one of the officers back to patrol on the streets. That is f*cked up. Our streets are not safe with a murderer on the streets.