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The mother of four-year-old Maleah Davis' was confronted by angry protesters outside of the courthouse, as they demanded to know why she too, was not behind bars.

Maleah's mother's live-in boyfriend was charged with her daughter's disappearance, but many feel as though Brittany Bowens was also complicit.

Bowens attended court with community activist Quanell X spoke, who addressed the angry mob as she stood, weeping.

"The main thing right now that all of us want to know is, what did he do with Maleah?" Quanell X said.

But protesters were adamant that Bowens know of Maleah's true whereabouts and called for her to be locked up.

An Amber Alert was issued for Maleah after she was reportedly abducted on. At the time, Vence told the police that he pulled over to check on his tire after hearing a pop and was knocked unconscious and abducted by three Hispanic males. "Maleah looks very nice, looks very sweet," one of the men said, according to Vence.

Houston police later revealed that Darion Vence the stepfather of the 4-year-old missing child, Maleah Davis, was named as a person of interest.

Vence is now in custody, accused of tampering with evidence, namely a human corpse. Vence's bond was reduced from $1,000,000 to $45,000 by the judge in the case, according the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

According to the Chron, on the day of her disappearance, a camera from a neighbor's porch showed Vence coming and going from the apartment twice on May 3. The first time, he was carrying a heavy laundry basket with a large black trash bag, and the second time, police said he appeared to leave the home carrying cleaning supplies, including a bottle of bleach.