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A Washington state man facing charges after he allegedly shot and killed his daughter in front of her infant son following an argument over a baby gate.

Wendell Wilson, 68, was charged with the murder of his daughter, Lila Wilson, 38, and is due in court next week, according to BuzzfeedNews.

"The victim's toddler was mere feet away" when she was shot, the prosecuting attorney said. He then shot her "six times, including twice to the head," while her toddler "was mere feet away."

After the shooting, he called, reportedly telling the dispatcher, "I need social services for a baby because I just killed her mom, the baby's mother."

When officers arrived at the scene, Wilson told them that he had "got into an argument about putting a gate up in the kitchen to block the baby because he is mobile. He then told his daughter that it would not work.

They reportedly "got in each other's face" after she threatened to move out and slammed a door on his face.

He told officers: "I went and I got my gun and shot her," admitting that he did intend to kill her.

When asked by officers why he pulled the gun on his daughter, he told them that it "comes down to a dominance thing," 

Gay Horton, Wilson's ex-wife, and the victim's adopted mother told police that Wilson called her right before the shooting, said, "I'm gonna kill Lila," and before hanging up the call. She said she called back a minute later, and Wilson told her, "I shot her, I killed her."