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A Ferguson activist, Melissa McKinnies is claiming that her son, Danye Jones was recently murdered by lynching. In a post on Facebook, McKinnies shared the news of her 24-year-old son's death after discovering his body on Oct. 17.

The Facebook post has since been deleted, but in the post, she shared a very graphic image of her dead son hanging from a tree. Viewers of the Facebook posts were able to capture screenshots before the post's removal. 


"This is what I woke up to! They lynched my baby. My first time seeing these photos. If you have a weak stomach don't look but this mother wants justice after I get up. I'm sick and losing my mind but I had to let the world know what they did to my baby!"

McKinnies is well known in Ferguson and has participated in various protests in the aftermath of Michael Brown‘s death. Several activists have already been targeted by alt-right flag-wavers and even members of law enforcement.

In 2014, DeAndre Joshua was found in his car with two gunshot wounds to the head following the Ferguson verdict. In 2016, Darren Seals was also found dead with two gunshot wounds to the head in his car. Both cars were set on fire after the shootings. More recently, local activist Edward Crawford was found in his car after being shot. His death was ruled a suicide but many suspect foul play. 

"The victim began expressing he was distraught over personal matters to the witnesses," said the police department's Public Information Officer Leah Freeman said at the time of his murder. "The witnesses heard the victim rummaging in the backseat, then heard a gunshot and observed the victim had sustained a gunshot wound to the head."

Crawford went viral after a photograph of him throwing flaming tear gas canister during the protests became a symbol of the fight of justice in America.

The Ferguson protests began following the brutal death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old. Brown was shot and killed at least seven times by white police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014. A grand jury declined to charge the officer with murder raising awareness globally to the social injustices pertaining to race in the United States.

Despite the alleged lynching happening almost two weeks ago, the mainstream media have been slow to act, but the story is picking up steam. We need this to go viral!