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A man from Richmond, Virginia is facing charges after he allegedly broke 27 bones in his newborn daughter's body.

Sean Dykes, 24, is charged with criminal abuse and domestic violence after paramedics and officers were called to his home for a 3-month-old child with head injuries. It is believed that Dykes has multiple personality disorder.

"She was beaten with his fist in her head. She was picked up and slammed on the floor several times. It’s unimaginable that a father could do this to their daughter," Richmond Police Assistant Chief Rodney Richardson told reporters.

The three-month-old suffered from broken bone fractures, including her skull, ribs, spine, arms, legs, hands, and feet. According to the report, the baby also had retinal hemorrhaging, bruises and possible internal injuries.

“Luckily, with a lot of prayer, I think, and some blessing, she’s still alive," Richardson said. "Right now other than some long-term effects she may be doing OK.”

Dykes reportedly told investigators he became filled with rage and blacked. He confessed to slamming the infant against a bed and punching her, police said. He then resurfaced from the rage to find his daughter with cuts and bruises on her head. Authorities say that he was remorseful and wanted to apologize to the baby girl.

Back March, Dyke’s girlfriend and mother of the infant reported that Dykes allegedly pushed her to the floor and strangled her for 10 to 15 seconds. She claimed that she was unable to swallow for days after the brutal attack.

Dyke was placed in the Madison County Detention Center where he is being held without bond.