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A Black man was placed under arrest for helping his drunk neighbor.

Samir Ahmed, 23, dropped off his intoxicated neighbor home, who was repeatedly falling down. As he helped his neighbor, Ahmed noticed several cars and firetrucks gathered near his driveway.

A call to the emergency services had been made to assist the man. Ahmed then told authorities that he walked the man to his house when an officer asked him for the man’s exact address. Ahmed did not wish to share the man's address, telling The Washington Post that he felt the issue had already been resolved - the man was at home.

Ahmed then ended up facedown on the hood of a car, being placed in handcuffs. In the video, neighbors can be seen telling the officers that Ahmed was actually helping and that they had wrongfully detained him. An officer then claimed to smell marijuana on Ahmed.

The claimed that they found a small, clear bag of marijuana on him, but he was not charged for anything.

Ahmed's lawyer J. Wyndal Gordan refutes their claims.

“We vehemently dispute that the officer smelled marijuana; you can’t smell marijuana in a baggie inside of his left coat pocket that hasn’t been burned,” Gordon told the post. “It’s a very negligible amount, if anything [...]

“He’s a Good Samaritan being converted to a criminal defendant... There’s a strange irony to all these facts.”

“If I had blond hair and blue eyes, this wouldn’t be an issue,” Ahmed told The Post. “She wouldn’t have been so disrespectful when I showed her nothing but respect.”

The Montgomery County Police Department issued a statement.

“The Department is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the arrest to determine if any Department policies, procedures or laws were violated during the incident,” the statement read. “This assessment will include a review of the responding officers’ body-worn camera footage.”