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Jordyn Jones, one of the two suspects accused of murdering Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford, has been denied bond by a judge.

Jones, who was Crawford's roommate, and her boyfriend, Barron Brantley, are accused of strangling the 21-year-old in October. 

The judge says he denied her bond as just hours after the murder, she was allegedly making plans to withdraw from school and move to Michigan. The judge called Jones a "flight risk," but her attorney disagrees.

"The most fundamental premise of our criminal justice system is that a person ought not be punished for a criminal offense until the state has demonstrated guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," said attorney Cliff Harbick, per WSB-TV.

But the assistant district attorney thinks otherwise:

"She's a risk of intimidating witnesses, for that same reason, because many of the witnesses, in this case, will be family members of Miss Crawford, because they were the last people that she spoke to," said Deputy District Attorney Adam Abbate.

Police say that they believe that the incident may be related to a sexual assault Crawford reported to police Oct. 27. Brantley was the suspect in the incident, which allegedly happened at the apartment Crawford shared with Jones. All three were drinking at the time. Crawford had claimed that she blacked out and that Brantley assaulted her in her sleep. She was afraid to stay in her own room and resorted to sleeping on the living room couch.

Jones told police she saw Crawford around midnight before going to bed, a police report said. Crawford was not in the apartment the next morning when the roommate left for class, and the front door was locked with a deadbolt, per CNN.

"The mood has been very hard. A lot of students have been trying to take into account what happened and just find answers to things we can't find answers to," said student government president Levon Campbellper MSN News.

Brantley's arrest reportedly violated his bond conditions for a prior arrest on charges of theft, battery, and cruelty to children, according to the report.